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Dumas Insurance Agency Gives Vacations To The Caretakers Of Our Local Veterans

Dumas Insurance Agency and Veterans’ Families United Continue Joint Charity Drive to Benefit Returning Oklahoma Veterans


Dumas Insurance Agency, a locally owned insurance provider with offices serving Oklahoma City and other nearby communities, is announcing the continuation of their ongoing charity drive partnership with Veterans’ Families United aimed at offering critical services for returning Oklahoma veterans


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Dumas Insurance Agency, a family managed insurance firm that serves areas in and around Oklahoma City, is announcing a continuation of their highly successful charity partnership with Veterans’ Families United, a local non-profit that provides support to returning veterans in the region.


Founded a decade ago by former Oklahoma Mother of the Year Cynde Collins-Clark, non-profit Veterans’ Families United is on a mission to improve outcomes for returning veterans. Collins-Clark is a professional psychotherapist and has dedicated her career to researching effective recovery processes for returning veterans who struggle with psychological wounds that have yet to heal.


“This charity drive has been extremely successful so far, we’ve helped so many veterans and their families, but there are still many more who need our help,” explains Larry Dumas Jr., founder of Dumas Insurance Agency.


Dumas and his team are capitalizing on the social media and email awareness infrastructure they have already built and are expanding their contact list to reach families in communities outside the Oklahoma City area. As well, Dumas Insurance Agency is launching a full page feature of the ongoing charity effort in the next issue of “Our Hometown,” a monthly online magazine published by the firm:http://www.dumasinsuranceagency.com/Our-Hometown-Magazine_46.


This continuing charity drive is part of an ongoing community involvement project launched by Dumas Insurance last year. Going forward, Dumas and his team will be selecting and working with at least one additional charity every two months.


Those who would like to join the growing number of people supporting this charity drive are invited to visit the Dumas Insurance website and make a personal donation here: http://www.dumasinsuranceagency.com/Giving-Vacations-To-Our-Local-Vets_6_community_cause. Those who want to view the expanding list of Oklahoma-based charities supported by the Dumas Insurance team are invited to bookmark the firm’s Community Causes list here:http://www.dumasinsuranceagency.com/community-cause.


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